Celeb (Bun) Battle: Who’s Got the Better Bun, Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato?

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High, low, tight, loose — the options for buns (as in the hair kind, you guys) are endless. And who knows that better than Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, two updo experts? In this week’s Celeb Battle, instead of asking you which you prefer between two celeb boyfriends, cover songs, or other unimportant (jaykay, they’re important) things, we want you to check out these photos of Demi and Miley and decide who’s got the better bun. Then be sure to vote below!

Both stars show off their gorgeous faces with their hair pulled back in red carpet-worthy buns.  Sleek, chic, and classic.


With their strands slicked back, both girls rock classic high buns like pros. Demi sports an elegant ballerina-style ‘do, while Miley goes for the effortless top knot.


Both glam girls pull off the natural messy-bun-that’s-not-really-messy look with these effortless styles they both shared via Twitter.


It’s not all about top knots, ya know. These low buns totally hold their own.


 Hey, we’re not judging, but these messy buns are actually kind of  messy. 


So whispy! So pretty.