Miley Cyrus Deletes All of Her Instagram Pictures & Fans are FREAKING OUT

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Personally, we LIVE for a good picture of Miam (as if there’s any other kind of Miam pic, lolz). Every time we see Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth pop up on our Instagram feeds, we squee with joy. That’s why it pains us to say that a good majority of those pictures are gone — FOREVER.

Today — Friday the 13th, no less — millions of Smilers woke up to find that their idol had deleted every.single.one of her pictures on Instagram. That means no more pictures of her dogs, no more pictures of her waving the Pride flag, NO MORE PICTURES OF MIAM!!!

Needless to say, fans are freaking the eff out:

Theories about the deletion range from another split between the 25-year-old singer & the 28-year-old actor to a new album/tour announcement. Whatever the case, we hope she tells us v soon. Thankfully, we still have the Hunger Games star’s account to provide us with all our Miam needs.