Miley Cyrus Blasts Joe Jonas and His Marijuana Comment

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Twitter (@MileyCyrus)/Instagram (@joejonas)Dylan Sprouse isn't the only former Disney Channel star calling out Joe Jonas on his recent essayMiley Cyrus is getting in on the action, too.

In the "We Can't Stop" singer's new interview with The New York Times, she addresses Joe Jonas' comment the she and Demi Lovato practically forced him to try marijuana when he was 17 or 18. "They kept saying, 'Try it! Try it!' so I gave it a shot," he said at the time. But Miley has a different way of looking at it: "If you want to smoke weed, you're going to smoke weed. There's nothing that two little girls are going to get you to do that you don't want to do. I thought maybe he was saying that like it was going to make him look badass."

She continues to mention, "We were so young that it's actually, like, 'How did you get peer pressured by me?'" FYI, Joe's three years older than both female stars.

Shortly after Joe's quotes went public, Demi also revealed her thoughts on the admission: "My first reaction was, 'Well that was stupid.' But we are always going to be in each other's lives. I was with Nick [Jonas] today and they are family. I've known them since I was 14, 15 and I have a lot of love for them. He never shared his side of the story and what he had to go through when we were friends or whatever. I was like, 'Choose your words more carefully next time, but whatever, you're fine!'"

The Cyrus family has its own YouTube channel… K.

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