An Ode To Our Favorite Birthday Girl, Miley Cyrus

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It’s been quite the year for our girl Miley Cyrus, to say the least. But if you’ve forgotten what a rollercoaster 2011 has been for MiCy, have no fear, you guys. Because we’ve summed it all up beautifully in this birthday poem (her big day is today, BTW). But don’t worry. There’s plenty of nice stuff in there too…

Check out our Miley poem below!




When Hannah Montana started noone knew who she was
She was just the daughter of that Billy Ray dude, whatever he does.
But now Miley Cyrus is a household name
And as she got older, she only grew in fame.

So way back when she was one of those Disney chicks
And Miley, Demi and Selena started their own clique.
She played Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart on her show
And soon after she started raking in the dough.

But to shed her little girl image, Miley started to sing
And with her pop albums came a belly and nose ring.
“Party in the USA” is her most classic song
But “Can’t Be Tamed” is great too. Don’t get us wrong!

But anyway, let’s talk about her scandal a bit.
She got tattoos and started dating and parents didn’t like all that…s***
Then sideboob became Miley’s signature thing
And then began Liam Hemsworth and their little fling.

They met on the set of The Last Song, their movie
And it was on and off for years after that, ya see.
But let’s not forget the things that put Miley in the news
Like her relationship with Justin Gaston, smoking salvia and hitting the booze.
But in honor of Miley’s big 19th (that’s today!)
We’ll be nice to MiCy and end this poem and say

Happy birthday, Miley. To you we wish the best
With a hot boyfriend, tons of money, and good looks, you’re truly blessed.

Which line in the poem was your fave? Do you have a birthday wish for Miley, too? Leave it here!

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