Teen.com’s Miley Mute: What Did You Think? (POLL)

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So, our #MileyMute is officially over. In case you hadn’t heard, starting on September 28, we decided to ban all things Miley Cyrus from Teen.com for a whole week. And trust us — plenty happened while she was banned. From a Twitter feud with singer Sinead O’Connor to a seriously racy Terry Richardson photo shoot, and even hosting Saturday Night Live, we stayed away from it all.

While some people didn’t like our lack of Miley, others not only encouraged the ban, but wanted us to extend it longer than a week. As always, feedback from our awesome readers is much appreciated, so we wanted to see how you guys were feeling after the #MileyMute.

Are you glad we took a break? Do you want to see her back and regularly covered? Share your thoughts in the poll below, and also sound off in the comments section!

PS, let’s not forget that for all the headlines Miley creates, she does produce some pretty awesome music. Check out this cover that Kurt Hugo Schneider did of her tune “Wrecking Ball.”

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