An In-Depth Look at Miley Cyrus’ Career Mile(y)stones for Her 21st Birthday

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Today marks a big moment for Miley Cyrus — it's her 21st birthday! While we're sure she's celebrating it in a PG way with all of her clothes on and probably reading a book ::cough::, we felt that we should commemorate the special occasion in a bigger way. So, we're counting down the biggest milestones she's hit since her days in a blonde wig on Disney Channel…

2006 — The world was introduced to a sweet-faced girl by the named of Miley Stewart (a.k.a. Hannah Montana).

Tumblr (thatsmyrainbow)

Tumblr (thatsmyrainbow)

But slowly, that sweet face started to change…


APRIL 2008 — Then-15-year-old MiCy posed nude for an Annie Leibovitz shoot for Vanity Fair. Baby's first scandal!

Vanity Fair

AUGUST 2009 — Fast forward to a year later, Miley rocked the Teen Choice Awards with its first-ever pole dance. Something, we're sure, every parent was pleased about.


2010 — The Last Song ignited what would soon be known as Miam.

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MAY 2010 — But even a brooding guy like Liam Hemsworth couldn't tame Avis Cyrus.

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NOVEMBER 2010 — More scandal! Miley was caught smoking… something. She claimed it was salvia, but with her current admissions, we wonder…

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NOVEMBER 2011 — Her last birthday as a teenager: "You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake."

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JULY 2012 — Stop the presses — Liam & Miley announced their engagement!


AUGUST 2012 — It was the buzz cut heard 'round the world, thus solidifying Miley's goodbye to her old roots — literally.

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MARCH 2013 — Our introduction to Miley, the Twerker.


MAY 2013 — Another introduction: Meet Miley, the Nudist.

V Magazine

JUNE 2013 — "We Can't Stop" made it so teddy bears would never be looked at the same.

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AUGUST 2013 — The MTV VMAs — 'nuff said.

Very Smart Brothas

SEPTEMBER 2013 — "Wrecking Ball" — anyone else wanna lick a sledgehammer?


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