Miley Cyrus Says Much Music Video Awards Voting Was Rigged, Smilers Support Her Claims

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Apparently Miley Cyrus hasn’t been Selena Gomez’s biggest fan lately, and after she lost to Sel at last night’s Much Music Video Awards, she’s making her annoyance even more public.

Both Miley and Selena were up for the Favorite International Artist award at last night’s award show, and despite Miley’s Twitter campaign to snag the award, SelGo came out victorious. While Miley never specifically called out Sel, she posted an interesting tweet in an interesting language in response:

For anyone who hasn’t decoded the message, MiCy said “rigged voting is wack just saying.” Selena hasn’t responded to Miley’s tweet of her MMVA win, but Miley’s Smilers definitely have.

Do you think the MMVA voting was rigged? Is Miley being a sore loser? Tell us in the comments below!

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