All the Major Movie Roles Miles Teller was Supposed to Play — But Didn’t

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With high-profile roles in Divergent, Whiplash, The Fantastic Four and more, Miles Teller has had quite the career over the past few years. He’s tackled everything from action flicks to Oscar-nominated drama dramas to silly comedies with Zac Efron. But, it actually hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows for the 28-year-old actor. While some failures might still lead to success for some, others just plain stink!

Like his close friend and frequent co-star Shailene Woodley, missed acting opportunities isn’t something this actor is completely immune to. Despite his insane talent, the 28-year-old actor knows first hand what it’s like to deal with casting failures.

1. Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton, Divergent — Did you love watching Shailene Woodley and Miles’ love connection in The Spectacular Now? Well, it turns out the producers of Divergent loved them together as well, but not enough for them to cast him as Four. Yep, THAT almost happened. “I auditioned for Four originally,” he told us in an exclusive interview. Only to go on saying, “then, literally the next day, they said, ‘This part of Peter we’d love to offer you.'” Well, that took an unexpected turn, don’t you think?!

2. Eric, Divergent — But, believe it or not, Four wasn’t the only other Divergent role the Miles missed out on. He also told us that he was indeed up for the role of Eric, too! “There was some thought that I was gonna play Eric,” he told us, “so I was kinda thinking about that.” Now that’s a casting we’re not entirely sure we could’ve got behind. We definitely prefer him as Peter…Thanks, Summit Entertainment!

3. Unknown role, Star Wars: The Force Awakens — With tons of kick-butt action experience in his resume, we thought that Miles might have a good shot at getting into the latest Star Wars flick. But, like many other hopeful stars, his audition seemed to have just fallen short for the franchise’s Episode VII. “I had an audition for Star Wars so I watched some of Return of the Jedi, but that’s about it,” he told Collider, “I think it was a good character, but at that time the script hadn’t come out so the sides they were using were very vague.”

4. Will Davis, Get A Job — Since 2012, Miles has been in talks for a comedy starring the likes of Anna Kendrick and Bryan Cranston. And guess what?! They actually started filming it! So, what happened? After getting the part, filming, and even generating some buzz, the movie’s release suddenly got halted. Anna explained, “It’s just never, ever, ever gonna see the light of day…It was two years ago, it was a very topical comedy thing. It was supposed to be we were fresh out of college…Dylan Kidd, he’s a great director. It’s crazy how that can happen. I’ve heard several explanations about, like, distribution companies being split out, so it’s just in limbo…it’s crazy, because someone must wanna make some money back.” Sorry, Miles! We would’ve loved to see you and Anna together on the big screen.

5. Sebastian, La La Land — One of the upcoming roles for this Divergent star — and the one we were probably most excited about — has unfortunately fell through. Not only is La La Land a musical (anyone else a fan of Footloose?!), but it also involved Miles singing and dancing alongside the one and only Emma Watson! Incredible, right?! Such a bummer! Director Damien Chazelle said Miles was not “creatively right for the project,” which caused him to re-cast the role and give Ryan Gosling a shot as the male lead. Ms. Watson also had to be re-cast because of her commitment to Beauty and the Beast, and a different Emma — Stone — took over the part.

6. Young Elvis, Elvis Biopic — Oftentimes when actors have “dream” roles they want to be a part of, they try to create the buzz themselves! For Miles, his ultimate career goal is to play rock n’ roll god, Elvis Presley. With his moves that scored him a role in Footloose, his supposed singing abilities we have yet to see, and his striking resemblance to the music icon, we can TOTALLY see this one! So, why haven’t we seen it yet? The right role hasn’t seem to have come along as of yet! “There are a couple of scripts floating around, but I feel they’ve never really got [an Elvis biopic] right yet. All the producers I talk to want to do it so he’s 16 and he’s having his first kiss, and I’m like, ‘Nobody f******* cares about that s***!’ You’ve got to see him rocking and rolling, not as this awkward kid,” he told ShortList, “I want to do the Walk The Line version; they want to do the Hairspray version. But hopefully it’ll happen. I just need to find the right filmmaker.” Do you think it’ll ever happen?!

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