BREAKING: Divergent Star Arrested & Jailed for Getting Drunk in Public

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Miles Teller‘s weekend went from zero to 100, and not in a good way, very fast. According to TMZ, the Divergent star was arrested on Sunday in San Diego, Calif., for getting super drunk in public and refusing to cooperate with cops. Quite a bit different than why his co-star, Shailene Woodley, got in trouble with the law, eh?

Apparently, the 30-year-old was out in the beach town in the early hours of Sunday morning after spending a night partying with a his friends. A cop noticed that Miles could barely stand up, so he went over to ask him a few questions. Sources told the site that the actor “lost his balance and almost fell into a traffic lane, [and when] the cop cuffed him [he] had trouble standing in one spot.”

San Diego has a program where police officers can take intoxicated people to a detox facility to sleep off their drunkness without any legal repercussions, but Miles allegedly refused this offer. The cop dealing with the Whiplash guy took him anyway, but when he arrived he reportedly “refused to follow directions, so the staff rejected him.”

Authorities did all they could do at that point, so they were basically left with no choice but to arrest him for public intoxication. Miles spent about four hours in jail and was released without bail.

NGL, Miles Teller’s arrest isn’t THAT shocking — Nothing can come close to the confusion we felt when these Disney stars got thrown in jail: