This News About 13 Reasons Why‘s Miles Heizer & Brandon Flynn Will Destroy You

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Dreams. Destroyed.

Ever since the release of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix at the end of March, people haven’t been able to stop talking about it. The casting secrets alone are enough to freak out about — did you know that Selena Gomez was originally tapped to star as Hannah Baker?? — but those are, of course, not what we’re here to discuss.

You know why we’re here — it says so right in the title: We’re here to talk about two of the show’s stars, Miles Heizer & Brandon Flynn. ’cause, less than a week after the series hit the streaming service, rumors began to swirl that the guys who portray Alex Standall (Reason #3) & Justin Foley (Reasons #1 & #11), respectively, are dating in real life!

Needless to say, fans everywhere freaked the eff out. Like… look how cute they are together:

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But don’t get your hopes up — according to Page Six, the rumors are NOT true. “This is a false report,” says a rep for the 22-year-old bottled-blond actor. “Miles and Brandon are friends from the show but are not dating.”


Well, at least the 23-year-old newbie and the Parenthood alum aren’t rivals like they are on screen.
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