Say What?! Mila Kunis’ Is Still Daddy’s Little Girl Like The Rest of Us

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It’s no secret that Mila Kunis has some scandalous scenes in her new flick, Black Swan — she makes out with Natalie Portman and gets a little too skinny (she lost 20 lbs!) for comfort. But the hardest part about her role in the flick? Her dad, watching it!

Mila told Showbiz Spy all about her tough life, shacking up with hotties like Natalie and Justin Timberlake on screen, and how uncomfy it makes her father…

“I feel sorry for my dad. If I’m not mistaken, he walked out during the sex scene in Black Swan. I just don’t think he wants to envision his daughter doing that kind of thing. I’m not sure if he’s going to be able to see Friends with Benefits. Justin and I have quite a few unclothed moments. He’ll be leaving the theater a lot. I think I might have to ban him.”

Sure, Mila’s dad may be banned, but we can’t wait to see her and JT getting sexy on screen! Can you?