7 Roles Mila Kunis Could’ve Played, But Failed to Land in the End

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Just because 34-year-old Mila Kunis hasn’t won any Golden Globes or Academy Awards in her lifetime of acting doesn’t mean we wouldn’t kill for this A-list actress’ career. So many of her roles have been, in a word, iconic. Who could forget when she was the most high-maintenance girlfriend ever on That 70’s Show opposite her first kiss and future hubby (and baby daddy) Ashton Kutcher? Not to mention the fact that she followed that up with success after success — as long as we forget about Jupiter Ascending, TBH.

Crazy ballerina movie with Natalie Portman — check. Even crazier projects with Seth MacFarlane that involve Family Guy voice acting and filming scenes with a teddy bear — check and check. Whether she’s doing the supernatural in Oz the Great and Powerful or the everyday in Friends With Benefits, Mila knows how to steal hearts.

But as perf as she appears, the brunette beauty hasn’t always had it easy! Her family immigrated from the USSR when she was in the second grade, and she didn’t speak a word of English in class. In the essay she wrote later on to get into UCLA, she compared the experience to being blind and deaf at age seven. (We’re not crying, you’re crying!) But as sad as that was, being in L.A. changed Mila’s life completely. All it took was one audition for her to land a role in a Barbie commercial. From there, it was another for Lisa Frank and then onto the TV screens for small roles in Days of Our Lives and Baywatch.

The rest was history, but there were still some slip-ups along the way. She is only human, after all, which meant trying out for movies she didn’t end up landing and turning down roles she really wanted — or didn’t. Each of these decisions could have sent her acting journey in a different direction, but we’re pretty sure she’s happy she ended up exactly where she did.