Say What?! Mila Kunis Will Never be like Lindsay Lohan

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What is it about celebrities not ever wanting to go out and take advantage of their star status? First, Blake Lively, in a very un-Serena moment, declared that she’s never been to a club. Then, Andrew Garfield opened up about how “miserable” Hollywood parties are. And now? Mila Kunis is jumping on the bandwagon, saying that she’s not into the LA club scene either. Uh, can we steal your party invites, guys?

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In an interview with Advocate, Mila shared why she’ll never be like the Lindsay Lohans of the world, and what she considers to be a fun night on the town. Hint: it involves a different type of alcohol…

Mila said:

“I prefer to stay home, take a bath, have a glass of wine, and watch Bravo. I don’t want to go to the hottest club, dance on tables, get photographed, and then spend the next day denying it ever happened.

Do you think it’s better for celebs to party hard or to stay out of the spotlight? Which celeb would you most want to party with? Tell us below!