11 Fashion Mistakes You Definitely Made in Middle School

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If you were to ask someone to give you the word they associate most closely with “middle school,” the answer you might be most likely to get is probably “bad clothes.” This is hard to argue with because, for most people, these two things — middle school and bad fashion — are basically synonymous. Middle school is when you really start to ~express yourself~, after all, so it’s natural that your personal style will experience some, uhh, growing pains along the way. For example, when I was in middle school, I would often carry around the latest issue of Teen Vogue, which I assumed would make everyone I encountered know that I was both fashionable and worldly, despite the fact that the contents of the magazine did not translate to my wardrobe, and I still wore T-shirts from Hollister and sweatpants from the local thrift store. Growing, meet pains.

Perhaps you, whether you have left middle school or are still there, can relate in some way? If so, that is okay, obviously. There are far worse mistakes one could make than the odd fashion snafu or wardrobe malfunction here or there, and, in fact, it’s pretty inevitable for everyone to brick a ‘fit, so to speak, during the transitional period of middle school. In fact, it’s pretty funny when you own up to it, so, let’s check out the fashion mistakes that we all make in middle school:

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