Must-Watch Vid: This Girl’s Singing About Being Bieber’s Girlfriend And We’re Not Talking About Selena

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You want to be Justin Bieber‘s girlfriend, right? So you can shout it from the rooftops? Or change your relationship status on Facebook? Or, perhaps, sing a song about it? If you chose the latter, you’re a lot like Michaela Wallace. The up-and-coming singer wants to be Bieber’s girlfriend so bad that she wrote a song about it. And then made a music video. And then posted it on YouTube and got almost 2 million hits. Uh, let’s just hope Selena Gomez doesn’t see this…

Click on to watch Michaela’s ode to Justin Bieber! And just a warning, the vid kinda reminds us of Rebecca Black‘s…

What do you think of Michaela’s song and vid? If you wrote a song for Justin, what would it be about? Tell us in the comments!