EXCLUSIVE: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About TVD‘s Michael Malarkey

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Tonight marks the night all fans of The Vampire Diaries have been waiting for — it’s Season 6 premiere day! Yes, starting at 8p ET on The CW, you can see your favorite characters try to cope with the death of — *SPOILER ALERT* — Damon and Bonnie. (Watch the teaser trailer here.)

BUT, until the time comes when you’ll bawl your eyes out over Elena’s emotional turmoil (because, obviously), set your sights on another vampire: Enzo. Because we love our readers oh so much, we caught up with the bad-ass vamp’s alter ego, Michael Malarkey! Not only is he bracing for the upcoming season of TVD, but he’s also set to release his debut album, a five-song EP, on October 12, featuring his title track, “Feed the Flames.” To learn more about him before the festivities begin, click through our gallery here: