For the 1st Time, Michael Clifford Opens Up About His “Severe Panic Disorder”

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Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, which was created with the hope of “raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.” The important “holiday” encouraged Colton Haynes to open up about his battle with anxiety and depression and it also inspired Michael Clifford to get candid about his own struggles.

Back in August 2015, the 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist told a live audience that he “saw a therapist real quick” to work out “some problems with [his] mental health,” and left it at that. Fans were obviously incredibly proud of him for his honesty, but were also curious as to which “problems” he was talking about.

In a series of tweets about the importance of mental health care, Michael admitted that he has a “severe panic disorder.”

“About two years ago was when I spoke out about my mental health to my parents, friends, therapists, and it was the best thing I ever did,” he tweeted last night. “To break the awkward barrier between people not knowing what’s wrong with you to just being able to speak out openly about your issues is so important, and I hope I can at least inspire one person to just get some help with whatever you’re experiencing and be open and honest.”

The “Girls Talk Boys” singer continued, “As someone who suffers from severe panic disorder, I understand completely how hard it is to feel stagnant & like you’re not making progress. But change is gradual and there is no quick fix to anything relating to mental health, just know you’re not alone & things do get better.”

MC finished his emotional words by telling fans that his DMs were open for an hour and encouraging anyone who needed to talk to send him a message.

It is SO important that we break the stigma surrounding mental health, and the fact that Michael was able to be open and honest about his own struggles is absolutely a step in the right direction. We’re sure his words helped countless people and have nothing to say but thank you.

Michael Clifford’s bandmate, Ashton Irwin, is just one male celebrity who battles depression: