16 Raunchy AF Tweets Fans Actually Wrote to Michael B. Jordan

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Don’t get us wrong — we love Michael B(ae). Jordan as much as the next person — if not more. The 31-year-old is constantly killing it on the big screen, whether he’s portraying a villain in Black Panther, going through a body transformation in Creed, or making us cry in Fruitvale Station. And the more we find out about him, the more obsessed we become. (And looking at him sure doesn’t hurt either).

Clearly, we aren’t alone. His fans love him — some of his 450,000 Twitter followers more than others. While he gets the usual compliments about being talented and attractive, he also gets dirty tweets from people who want to do some really NSFW things to him. You won’t believe the kinds of things they say!

1. Um, probably never.

2. Thanks for sharing.

3. Not that kinda movie…

4. No beating around the bush here.

5. Clever.

6. LOL.

7. Nunya business.

8. So that’s what that stands for.

9. In your dreams.

10. You ever heard of TMI??

11. Ouch.

12. DEAD.

13. Good to know.

14. What a relief.

15. Um…

16. Is that so?