One of Your Fave YouTube Couples Broke Up MONTHS Ago and You Had No Idea

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Kiyoshi Muto was only in a few of YouTube star Mia Stammer‘s videos, so when the beauty guru stopped talking about the We The Kings tech on camera over the summer, no one really thought anything of it. But as the months went on and the couple wasn’t seen together at all, questions arose about the status of their relationship. Now, the 22-year-old is finally ready to address everyone’s confusion.

“So basically, we broke up; I don’t have a boyfriend anymore,” Mia said in a recent vlog titled “we broke up…

But this breakup didn’t just recently happen — the pair has actually been separated since the beginning of summer!

“So this happened in June, and that was a few months ago actually, so I’ve had tons of time to get over it, to heal, to be better, top be happy. So I’m 110 percent happy right now emotionally and with my life and with everything going on.”

The blonde didn’t go into too many details about the split, but she did confirm that it happened “right after he left for tour” and they both kind of saw it coming.

“We were not really on the same page all the time…” she continued. “We were just two completely different people with completely different personalities and views and lifestyles and jobs. We both tried to make it work but it was just constantly failing… we just weren’t compatible.”

While all breakups are tough, especially at the beginning, Mia says she’s “okay” and “happy” with her life and wishes Kiyoshi nothing but the best.

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