Celebrities React to Mexico Earthquake & Hurricane Maria Devastation

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Over 200 people died as a result of Tuesday’s earthquake in Mexico’s city of Puebla, and shocked and saddened celebs immediately took to their Twitter accounts to share their support with the people of Mexico:

Shawn Mendes had arrived in Mexico to perform just hours before the earthquake hit, but he and his Illuminate World Tour crew were thankfully not injured during the natural disaster. Shawn also Tweeted out his well-wishes for the people of Mexico:

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez sent her well-wishes to the people of Mexico and the people of Puerto Rico, who are about to be under attack by Hurricane Maria:

Hurricane Maria has been dubbed a Category 5 storm, and is making its way through Puerto Rico as we speak. It is predicted to be the WORST hurricane in the country’s history, taking out 100% of the country’s power and killing people in its path. Puerto Ricans who are being affected by the storm have already received an outpouring of support from social media, including from a number of concerned celebs:

Puerto Rican native Lin-Manuel Miranda took to Twitter to give updates on his family, explaining that he’s been unable to get in contact with them because their phones are down. He also assured fans that he’d be tweeting out places where they can donate to the disaster relief fund all week:

All of us here at Clevver also want to extend our sincerest condolences to the victims of the earthquake in Mexico, and our well-wishes to those in jeopardy of Hurricane Maria. Stay safe out there! You are all in our thoughts and prayers.