10 Crazy Things That Happened During the 2018 Met Gala

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Fashion’s biggest night has come and gone but not before turning our world upside down with some of the craziest moments of all time. Okay, so there wasn’t another elevator scuffle this year, but everything that happened at the 2018 Met Gala was still just as crazy.

Every year, Met Gala attendees bring some sort of craziness to the event, whether it be their over the top outfits or their personalities, this year’s gala was no different. It’s safe to say that a good chunk of those in attendance brought their fashion A-Game and were totally on point with the theme of the night. However, they were all no match for Rih-zus.

Even against some of the greatest looks of the night, Rihanna still managed to blow everyone out of the water with her INCREDIBLE ensemble. RiRi rolled up to the Met in an outfit made for a GOD. She was literally decked out in jewels from head to toe and we’re pretty sure if she wanted to, the singer turned beauty mogul could snatch up the Pope’s job just like that.

For an event of this stature, celebs tend to take blacked out SUVs to the red carpet, but not Nick Jonas. In fact, the “Jealous” singer actually took the subway to the Met while dressed to the nines in his Dolce & Gabbana tux. Perhaps this whole move was to stay in character with the whole Catholic theme since the subway is a pretty humble ride, but it’s safe to say that subway users were literally SHOOK by this.

Lena Waithe turned heads when she decided to show up to the event with an INCREDIBLE pride-flag cape draped around her shoulders. Not only was her entire ensemble amazing, but Vanity Fair reported that Lena is the first person EVER to wear a pride-flag cape to the Met Gala.

At the Gala, Kim Kardashian West and Katy Perry were caught on camera checking out Kim’s nails and when fans started to make fun of the picture by imagining their own captions, Kim took notice and had to set the record straight. She actually revealed that Katy BROUGHT those nails from Los Angeles just for her. Can you say friendship goals?

Speaking of Katy, she ALMOST overshadowed Queen Rih’s grand entrance on the red carpet with these HUGE over-sized wings that were a part of her outfit. But honestly, nothing could really overshadow RiRi’s look, the “California Girls” singer’s giant wings were just worth mentioning because they were pretty crazy.

Aside from Katy turning heads with her over the top ensemble, Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez definitely had fans talking when they reunited and posed for a picture. If you recall, Ky and Sel kinda sorta had a falling out a couple of years ago and it may or may not have been because of Justin Bieber, but it looks like the two put aside their differences and are friends once again.

You didn’t think we’d mention the “Wolves” singer and not talk about her whole look, right? Well, we are because Selena’s entire outfit, makeup and all, are definitely next on our list of the craziest things to have happen at the 2018 Met Gala.

Much like many of the attendees before her, the singer definitely turned heads when she arrived on the carpet, butttttt maybe not for the same reasons. When Selly G. showed up to the Met, she looked SO tan that quite a few of her fans called the look controversial and even accused her of blackface because her skin tone was a much darker shade than usual.

But, controversial moments aside, the night also brought a few surprising and exciting moments on the carpet. For example, 2 Chainz proposed to his longtime girlfriend Kesha Ward — for the second time in their relationship, we might add — right in the middle of the carpet. Honestly, even though it happened smack dab in the middle of everything, it was SUCH a romantic gesture and we aren’t even mad at it.

The next thing on our list goes out to all of the guys who took their red carpet looks above and beyond. The men in attendance usually show up to the event in some form of a black or white tux, but this year, guys like Chadwick Boseman, Jared Leto, Donald Glover, and Darren Criss – just to name a few – made it a point to attend the gala in theme and we couldn’t be any happier.

And last but not least, we just HAVE to mention Cardi B and Nicki Minaj mingling with each other at the event. Obviously, it’s not out of the ordinary for two people to talk at an event like this one, but with all of the feud rumors surrounding the two rappers and their relationship with each other, it was kinda crazy seeing them together. But hey, hopefully these photos can shut down all of those pesky rumors once and for all.