10 of Your Favorite TV Couples That Were F***ed Up AF

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Crazy relationship drama is a huge part of what keeps our favorite shows super ~juicy~ and fun. We all love unexpected twists and forbidden romances. If a couple is perfect enough, we can even forgive major setbacks. (Remember on Gossip Girl when Chuck basically tried to sell his GF, Blair, in exchange for a hotel? She eventually forgave him, and so did we.)

But sometimes, in the pursuit of drama, show writers just don’t get the romances quite right. That can lead to seriously bizarre, stupid relationships that make no sense at all. Tragically, these ridiculous pairings can prevent characters who are totally meant to be from ending up together. And then, worst of all, there are the romances that we’re SUPPOSED to be on board with, but they’re just so f****ed up that it’s impossible. Check out these TV couples that are so messed up, they never should have happened: