22 Meryl Streep Memes That’ll Make You Want to Sing at the Top of Your Lungs

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No, you’re not seeing double — the Meryl Streep singing meme is NOT the same thing as the Shaq singing meme, for obvious reasons. While the general vibe of the two viral Internet sensations are pretty similar, the context of the latest joke to take over the social media sphere is very different.

The photo of the 67-year-old actress was actually taken from the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards when she was cheering on the late Debbie Reynolds, who was accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award. While Meryl obviously just wanted to show her good friend support, people eventually took the beautiful moment and ran with it, creating our latest meme-obsession.

1. Sometimes you can’t help but feel the music, even when you don’t know the words:

2. Feel the Blink 182 power!

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3. Can’t help it:

4. #Art

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5. Still not sure what it’s supposed to be…

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6. Hit that falsetto!

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7. This one’s for you, Selenators:

8. Living for the bark.

9. That duet thoooo!

10. Are ya ready kids??

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11. Queen!

12. This isn’t a song!

13. We miss this so much!

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14. Haiiii:

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15. YEAH!

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16. is that you, Miley?

16. Eternally a Jonas Brothers fan.

17. Turn up!

18. Name that song:

19. *Inserts praise hands Emoji*

20. That’s how you spell it??

21. We can always get down with “What Makes You Beautiful:”

22. RT if this is you:

These actresses could’ve joined (or even replaced!!!) Meryl in The Devil Wears Prada: