One of These YouTube Couples Broke Up Months Ago and You Had No Idea

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It was less than a week ago that YouTube couple Erik Conover and Jessica Clements announced their breakup, and now another one bites the dust — Bobby Mares and Mercades Danielle have broken up.

“My personal life — it’s been like a little roller coaster lately,” the 25-year-old told viewers in a recent video. “[I’ve] been going though a little bit of a breakup. It’s already been like a month…two months. It’s literally been about two months.”

Bobby DID tweet about the couple’s split (which we still don’t know the details of, BTW) at the beginning of October, but that still means he kept it a secret for about a month.

The YouTuber said he’s been trying his best to act normally in his uploads, but “it’s kind of hard to do daily vlogs going through a breakup” because sometimes he just wants to “mope all day.”

Mercades was first featured on Bobby’s YouTube channel back in March 2015 when they collaborated for the “BOYFRIEND GIRLFRIEND TAG,” but were together since at LEAST the beginning of the year.

“You just gotta start again — start fresh; don’t rush into anything,” he concluded. “It’s just gonna be different, and that’s okay.”


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