Why’d They Have to Die?! 6 Memorable Movie Deaths that We’d Redo

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We’re fiercely loyal to our fave characters, but what to do when plotlines take them too soon? (We can’t change them, but we can always dream!) So we’re revamping a few teeny tiny deaths in TV and movies, starting with…

6. Alison DiLaurentis, Pretty Little Liars
Ali may have fantasized about dying in a fabulous way, but to be buried alive and beaten with a shovel?  Oh we wish she could have gone quicker! She just doesn’t seem like the type to take punishment laying down (no pun intended). She would have at least fought back, no?


5. Bart Bass, Gossip Girl
After The OC fooled us once, we knew it was only a matter of time before Chuck’s dad kicked it again on GG. He definitely should have stayed on awhile longer to cause additional types of drama before being done in. And now we’re stuck with Jack Bass? Well he’s just the poor man’s Bart.

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4. Caroline Forbes, The Vampire Diaries
A lot of deaths go down on VD, but Caroline? She was such a great frenemy to Elena, but that Katherine just had to come along and turn it around. We’d at least have wanted Caroline to get in a few more licks on Katherine before succumbing to becoming a vamp though — even if we sense that Katherine’s time is coming.

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3. Rue, The Hunger Games
It’s never possible to recreate all the detail in a movie as it in a book, but Rue and Katniss’ friendship just seemed so underdeveloped that we’d wished that if Rue had to die, that at least more detail could have been put into the movie. In all honesty, would we have minded if the movie went on a little longer? Not at all.


2. Mercy Boykewich, The Secret Life of the American Teenager
We were so sad when Mercy was stillborn — especially since we’d totally envisioned Amy and Adrian’s kids playing together to help heal the two’s past wounds. Could her parents at least have held her alive? We still wish that she had been given the chance to grow up before passing on.

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1. Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Ever been shipped off to school and had your father figure done away with? Nope? Us either — but darn it if it didn’t feel like it! True, Dumbledore wasn’t a total saint, but really, Snape? We’d rather Dumbledore have gone on to keep advising Harry in his future showdown with Voldemort — and perhaps even have a more Snape-like death at the end if he had to go.

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Well boo hiss, we can’t change everything. Which deaths would you change and why?

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