10 Melodramatic Teen Movies That Are Super Cringeworthy

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You know when someone is telling you a serious story, but there’s something about their tale that makes you want to burst out laughing? It’s unintentional, and maybe you feel a little guilty about it, but you can’t help yourself. That… describes a large majority of dramas, especially ones targeted at teens. TV shows might just have the monopoly on that — Degrassi is a perfect example — but the movie industry is also responsible for bombarding us with countless teen dramas that are so melodramatic yet so cringeworthy. Maybe it’s the line delivery, maybe it’s the way it’s filmed, but some of these oh-so-dramatic movies are so chockfull of hilarity that you can’t help but wonder if it was low-key intentional.

That’s not to say that these movies don’t have their moments of actually being sincere or, better yet, good. But let’s be real: You’re not remembering the deep lines from that first Twilight movie, you’re remembering the part when Edward started sparkling in the damn sun. Check out this roundup of ten melodramatic teen movies that are super cringeworthy. They’re just what you need when you want to curl up on your bed and watch something that takes itself a little too seriously.

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