YouTuber Meghan Rienks to Star in Big-Screen Comedy, Honored

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YouTube stars have gone from solely creating videos in their bedrooms to starring in feature-length films quite a lot over the past couple years. Many of their flicks are, however, somehow related to the online persona they came to be known for. Meghan Rienks‘s new flick, however, is not. It was just announced that the 24-year-old will be starring in an upcoming Lionsgate movie called Honored, and we could not be more excited for her!!

The YouTuber was actually one of the people who initially developed the comedy’s plot four years ago, and it’s finally coming to life.

She tweeted, “Almost 4 years ago I wrote 30 pages of a story, and with some bad ass women we’ve made it come alive. Someone pinch me.”

The cast of the movie, which is set to start filming in Los Angeles this week, also includes Pretty Little LiarsSasha Pieterse and Teen Wolf‘s Arden Cho. Here’s the film’s official summary, as told by Variety.

In Honored, a falling out among four friends leads them grow apart. By senior year, Piper (Rienks) has turned into the class clown/party girl; Sophie (Karrueche Tran) pledges to stay a virgin until she’s married and has created a purity app. Isabella (Pieterse) is the feminist femme fatale who’s a zine editor, and Honor’s (Cho) dream of becoming a professional ballerina is taking off. When tragedy strikes, the former BFFs reunite and carry out all the stunts from their 8th-grade list — from jail-breaking the school mascot to getting back at b*tchy cheerleaders. The girls navigate body shaming, sex, and the high-school party culture, ultimately rediscovering their friendship even if it means saying goodbye forever to someone they love.

Meghan says she is “so excited [that she’s] gonna die,” which we really hope doesn’t happen…at least until after the big-screen hit comes out. Congratulations to our resident Beauty Break star who’s currently living the freakin’ dream!