15 Megan Nicole Secrets You’ll Only Find Here!

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When Megan Nicole uploaded a Kings of Leon cover to YouTube back in 2009, we’re pretty sure she never expected her life to turn out like it is today. Now, over 2.6 million subscribers later, she’s basically taking over both the YouTube and real-life music world!

Not only does Megan have an EP coming out in just over a month, but she’s also a featured artist on AOL’s Follow Me series, which gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at MN’s everyday life.

We recently chatted with Megan, but didn’t ask her regular, run-of-the-mill questions; Instead, we wanted to know the most random, out-of-the-ordinary facts she could come up with! And let us just tell you, she delivered! Click through the gallery below to find 15 of Megan’s most unusual secrets that you’ll only find on Teen.com!