A YouTube Star Got Engaged a Month Ago and Basically Everyone Missed It!

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You can imagine our surprise when we were casually scrolling through our Instagram page last night and saw a picture of a STUNNING heart-shaped engagement ring pop up. Upon further inspection, we realized the person in possession of the gorgeous rock was none other than YouTube musician Megan Nicole Flores, who actually got engaged to her boyfriend, Cooper Green, more than a month ago! How the heck did we miss that?!

The 22-year-old popped the questioned in New York City at the end of March, shocking the 23-year-old who thought they were filming a scene of a movie.

“When you think you are filming a scene for a movie, and then this happens…” the musician captioned the series of images

Can you freakin’ imagine?!

Megan and Cooper seem to be super happy, and while the engagement may be old news for some, it’s new for us…and we’re freaking the eff out!
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