Jake Paul’s Assistant Scrubs at Neck Bruise to Prove Assault Was Real

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After Jake Paul‘s assistant, Meg Zelly, accused FaZe Banks of assaulting her by grabbing her by the neck at a Los Angeles nightclub last week, many people, including the 25-year-old YouTuber, accused her of lying. Besides the fact that Banks vehemently denied he purposely “clotheslined” the girl, fans had their doubts about the blonde’s story because of many reasons, including that her bruise seemingly disappeared just a day after the alleged attack.

Alissa Violet‘s boyfriend wrote on Twitter after being accused of assault, “IDK if it were me and everyone claimed my bruise was fake I’d have made some sort of video scrubbing at that sh*t. Food for thought.”

And that’s exactly what she did.

Meg posted a video of herself scrubbing her neck with a makeup-remover wipe to prove that she did NOT make up the attack and that the bruise is legit.

She wrote, “I respect both groups working to turn this into something positive. For those saying the bruise is fake, I felt the need to protect myself.”

But while nothing came off on the white towelette, some people think she’s still fabricating the story by using a dry wipe that wouldn’t be able to remove anything.

Assault is incredibly serious and it’s incredibly problematic that someone in this situation isn’t being truthful. Hopefully the club has security footage that can tell the actual story.