Meet One of Teen’s New Hosts, Alex!

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Earlier this week, we met the first half of The Andy and Alex Show, and now it’s time to meet the other! As you’ve probably heard, Teen has a whole bunch of new shows launching on YouTube April 22, and Alex will be taking part in one of them.

Along with Andy, these two will take on pop culture, gaming, and everything in between on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 PM ET on The Andy and Alex Show.

We want our readers to get to know him before the show launches, so read the survey below to learn more about what makes him tick and click here to subscribe to Teen on YouTube.

Where you might know me from: You might know me as that guy interviewing Shut Up Cartoons creators. Or as that courageous cyclist cruising past your Volkswagen as you slowly die of traffic-induced boredom.

Three words to describe my show on Teen: Bromance. Brotherly Love. Brown Sugar Baby.

Celebrity crush: Uh Jennifer Lawrence. Duh. (but I also had Winona Ryder surgically tattooed onto my heart tissue)

Least favorite vegetable: Andy Rose

The song you’re listening to the most right now: “Answer” by Tyler, the Creator

Favorite channel to watch on YouTube: The Needle Drop!!! And SourceFed and Shoenice and Shut Up Cartoons. Also Andy Rose.

Person I’d most like to collaborate with on a video or interview: Key/Peele.

The three people or things you would bring with you to a zombie-infested desert island: Einstein, Elephant Man, and that Baby Sun from Teletubbies. We’d figure something out. Plus they have really big heads so at least if the zombies eat their brains they’d be too full to eat mine.

Catch Alex in all his nerdy glory on The Andy and Alex Show every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM EST – episodes beginning on April 23rd so make sure you tune in!