Meet the Star of Teen’s New Show Dare or Dare, Kian!

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You might already be a fan of Kian Lawley‘s YouTube channel SuperKian13, but he’s about to have his own show on Teen! That’s right, Kian will be doing some insane challenges on his upcoming Teen show, Dare or Dare, airing every Saturday at 7 PM ET.

Whether he’s eating a bunch of sour Warhead candies (kind of like in the trailer for all our new Teen shows which you can watch below) or anything in between, Kian isn’t afraid of a challenge.

However, before we get to see Kian partake in these crazy dares, we wanted you to get to know him a little better. So, read the survey below to learn more about what makes him tick and click here to subscribe to Teen on YouTube.

Where you might know me from: From my YouTube channel ‘superkian13’

Three words to describe my show on Teen: crazy,weird,exciting

Celebrity crush: SELENA GOMEZ!

Least favorite vegetable: Lima beans

The song you’re listening to the most right now: “Ride”- SoMo

Favorite channel to watch on YouTube: Vsauce

Person I’d most like to collaborate with on a video or interview: Do a video with caspar lee or Interview Ed Sheerhan 🙂

The three people or things you would bring with you to a zombie-infested desert island: 3 people: Sam, Mom & girlfriend 🙂
3 things: duct tape, knife & brains to throw around so the zombies could eat that instead of me haha !!

Check out Kian on his new show Dare or Dare every Saturday at 7 PM ET starting April 27!