Meet Ed Sheeran Backstage At His Concert In NYC This Friday!

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Calling all New York Ed Sheeran fans! We have an amazing opportunity for one of you this Friday night to meet Ed backstage, plus get two tickets to his sold-out show at Terminal 5 and have your concert review published on Teen.com!

Send an email to stacy@teen.com by Thursday September 20th at 12PM EST telling us why you’re the perfect Ed fan for the job. Make sure you can attend this Friday at 6PM in New York City (a.k.a. it’s cool with your parents if you’re under 18 and you can get there yourself). If you win, you’ve got to give us all the details on your meeting with him including how the show was.

Don’t live in New York City? No worries. Ed’s currently on a nationwide tour so click here to see if he’s coming to your city soon. And stay tuned for more tour updates from Ed here on Teen.com plus more cool opportunities like this one.

UPDATE: We were overwhelmed by the amount of letters we got from Ed fans in NYC. Some made us cry; others made us laugh. There were stories of overcoming depression through Ed’s music that touched us deeply. Nancy’s letter made us giggle so we knew she would do a good job putting Ed at ease during an interview backstage. Read it below and stay tuned for her interview!

Hi, Teen.com!
Do you know how much I was spazzing out when I saw that article?
Well, for one thing, I used the term ‘Beejezus’ which I don’t ever use. At least, not very often. This time, it was an exception because, well, it’s Ed Sheeran. And speaking of Ed Sheeran, it would be a lot more than a pleasure to attend his concert and actually meet him. It would be a dream. And it would be a relatively amazing one.
I first discovered him a little while back when The A-Team was playing in a store. I couldn’t get that song out of my head so I did what I had to do. Replay it over and over and over and… yes, over. My current favorite by him is: Small Bump. Everytime I hear that song, I feel like I’m rereading those kind of books where you always find out something new about it.
I cannot express how much I adore his voice either.
His angelic voice can calm me and lift me to another world.
There is no problem with me being able to attend the concert because I live in NYC 🙂
And I would love to bring my friend who I have turned into a major Ed Sheeran fan to come, too.
Thank you for reading this pretty, darn, long e-mail.
I hope I can be the one you can trust to report back how the concert and the meeting went.
I will try to contain 50% of my excitement. It might or might not work.
Thank you again for providing this opportunity.

-Nancy C.

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