10 Harsh Things You Say to Your Siblings But Never Mean

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The thing about having siblings is that exactly half of the time, you love them, and the other half, you can’t stand them at all. And when you’re in the middle of your very worst fights, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll say some terrible things that you don’t mean. And then you’ll say similar things the next time… and the next time. But every sibling knows that, no matter how often you say these harsh things to your sib, you never mean them:

1. “I hate you.” No, you don’t.

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2. “You’re so stupid.” Maybe they’re acting annoyingly, but they aren’t dumb!

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3.  “I wish you’d never been born.” This one only gets pulled out in the biggest of fights, and it stings especially hard.

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4. “I can’t wait for you to move out already.” We can guarantee that you’ll miss them the second they’re gone.

5. “OMG, I’m so tired of you in my space!” Except, when you haven’t seen them for a few days, you feel like a lost puppy.

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6. “Mom and Dad love me more.” Which, if true, hurts worse than if it’s not true.

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7. “You’re jealous of me.” Wanna see how quickly someone can go on the defense? Just say this to them.

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8. “I told you so.” No one needs OR WANTS to hear this.

9. “You were an accident.” Yikes! Whipping out the big guns.

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10. “You’re a liar/thief/etc.” Name-calling is so much worse when you’re attacking their character. Trust us on this one.

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