5 TV Characters Who May Need an Exorcism

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Without the mean characters on our favorite TV shows, there really wouldn’t be a show. But sometimes their actions are so mean that we can’t really look past the fact that they totally may be possessed. In honor of The Last Exorcism Part II, we’ve come up with the top 5 TV villains that are in total need of an exorcism!

Mona Vanderwaal from Pretty Little Liars
…because of every double-meaning smirk she gives us to every horrible thing she’s done to the girls. Personally, we think that everyone on the “A” team, including Toby, should get an exorcism after digging up Ali’s body, but Mona is definitely the worst!

pretty little liars

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Kitty Wilde from Glee
We thought we were pretty much over the Season 1 version of Quinn Fabray, but Kitty showed up this year at McKinley and she is way worse than anything we could have imagined. Not only does she manipulate people and act like a total jerk, she was even the cause of Marley’s eating disorder. She could definitely use some kind of exorcism.



Victoria Grayson from Revenge
Victoria has a serious chip on her shoulder. Not only did she play a major role in the charges against Emily’s dad, she is always out to hurt everyone around her. Exorcism alert!



Cora from Once Upon a Time
Cora is completely out of her mind. Just when we all thought Regina was the one that might need exorcising, we started to learn all about her mother Cora, who murdered the love of Regina’s life. Now she’s in Storybrooke and it would be a lovely time for an exorcism.



Sutton Mercer from The Lying Game
Sutton has been out to ruin everyone’s lives since day one. From lying to Emma about who their real mother is to stealing Ethan away from Emma, she has been behind all the destruction to the Mercer family and seriously needs to stop being so evil.


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Which TV characters do you think may need an exorcism? Be sure to see The Last Exorcism Part II in theaters today!

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