7 Things That Happen in Mean Girls That Would Never Happen IRL

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First things first, we love Mean Girls. Just like everyone else in the world, we haven’t stopped quoting it since the first time that we saw it. And, if Karen Smith’s boobs are correct, stopping any time soon isn’t in the forecast either.

But even we have to admit that, amongst all of the funniest scenes and best one-liners, there are a bunch of crazy things going on that would never happen in real life. It’s just, like, the rules of feminism.

So, to celebrate our love for the most awesome teen movie in recent years, here are the eight most laughably unrealistic things about this movie:

1. Cady befriending the entire school by the end. It’s just not possible, okay? That school looked very big. Which is why we’re still confused as to how she was elected Spring Fling Queen over other students who had been at the school making friends way before she had even left Africa.

2. Ms. Norbury forgiving Cady for nearly getting her fired. And arrested. What a crazy-understanding teacher. Ours wouldn’t even give us a pass when our dogs ate our homework (honest!).

3. Cady figures out the hardest Mathletes answer in the last second. This is a luxury that only fictional characters are afforded. In real life, our brains continue to be blank for the remaining 5 seconds, earning many an eye roll from our teammates.

Mean Girls The Limit Does Not Exist

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4. The entire circle of trust. Good idea in theory, very odd idea in practice.

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5. Cady’s seamless adjustment to public school. No no no, no way. This has never happened before.

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6. Mrs. George’s Jingle Bell Rock dance. School officials don’t play games when it comes to potential fire hazards.

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7. The Plastics’ uniform. No sane person wears high heels to a crowded high school where they’ll be walking around all day. Only on Pretty Little Liars, which doesn’t count either.

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