10 TV Divas We Wish Would Get Lost

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Every school has that Queen Bee you try to avoid at all costs. You know the type – popular, annoyingly confident, and just downright hot rude. We swear these real life prima donnas take notes from the most catty biotches on TV. Here’s a list of our least favorite biddies on some of our favorite shows. Be honest — which of these ladies do you kinda wanna strangle?

Molly and Grace of The Perfs on How to Rock
Molly and Grace will do just about anything to take Kacey and Gravity 5 down. Nothing infuriates The Perfs more than seeing their former member succeed without them. Puh-lease ladies, just get over it!

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Georgina on Gossip Girl
We don’t know about you, but we sure don’t want to get in this mean girl’s way! Known for ruining lives and taking names, we’d rather Georgina just mysteriously vanish… forever.

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Tinka on Shake It Up!
As Cece and Rocky’s frenemy, it’s in Tinka’s nature to be obnoxious and annoyingly competitive 95 percent of the time. We leave the other 5 percent up to chance.

Disney Channel

Lulu in Jane by Design
It’s bad enough that Lulu has brutally picked on Jane since the seventh grade but then she started dating her best friend?! Ugh, what a biznatch!

ABC Family

Dalia on Suburgatory
While Dalia takes herself way too seriously, caring only about her looks, money, and social status, we can’t help but laugh! This rich princess falls into the popular but oh-so-dumb stereotype effortlessly.

Warner Bros.

 Lexi on A.N.T. Farm
Next time this cheerleader gives Chyna a hard time we think our favorite ANT should give her a taste of her own medicine. A couple drops of orange dye in her bronzer should do the trick.

Disney Channel

Lemon on Hart of Dixie
Nothing’s worse than a drama queen with a sweet Southern accent. Their condescending and insulting comments always seem nice at first. Bless your heart.

The CW

Rebekah on The Vampire Diaries
She finds amusement in torturing Elena and her friends, while we find joy in imagining her downfall. Rebekah is one vamp we won’t be sad to see go.

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Nisha on The Lying Game
We were all squealing with excitement when Emma slapped Nisha in the face earlier in the season. That betch def deserved it!

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‘A’ on Pretty Little Liars
We don’t know who ‘A’ is (yet), but we do know she’s one relentless chica determined to take down our fave Little Liars. Secrets don’t last long in Rosewood and hopefully neither will ‘A’!

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Who do you think takes the crown for biggest diva? Who has it the worst? Did we forget to mention someone? Let us know in the comments below.

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