Meaghan Martin Is So Not Team Gryffindor, And She Tells Us Why (Exclusive Q+A)

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Meaghan Martin Meaghan Martin‘s officially hanging up her Camp Rock Tess Tyler digs for a dainty white dress and pixie dust. Okay, maybe not actual pixie dust, but you know what we mean. We bumped into Meaghan at Robert Verdi’s Fashion Week retreat where she was ACUVUE 1-Day’s Fashion Week consultant, picking up bottles of Muscle Milk Light Café Latte (Who knew?!), and most importantly, giving us juicy deets about her Wendy co-star, Tyler Blackburn.

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Read our exclusive Q+A below!

Teen.com: Are you anything like your character, Wendy?
Meaghan: Yeah! I’m a people pleaser for sure, but I’m not quite as bad as she is. I’m like her in the sense that I do always want to make everyone around me happy. She’s a rule follower, and that’s kind of how I am. She doesn’t really stray from things, but she has dreams and wants to go after them.

Teen.com: Instead of flying, what would you make your pixie dust do?
Meaghan: Invisibility would be really cool! I think that making Harry Potter come to life would be really awesome. That’s what my pixie dust would do. It would make Harry Potter real.

Teen.com: Can you tell us something about Tyler that his fans may not know?
Meaghan: He’s a really good listener. One day we got stuck in traffic, and I ended up telling him my life story from beginning to end – and that was before we started filming Wendy! And then he did the same to me, so we got to know each other really fast.

Teen.com: When we first saw the “Save Me” music video, we were floored. Who knew Tyler could sing?
Meaghan: And he’s never had a voice lesson either! He played the song for me when we were on set one day and I was like, “Whoaaa, you’re really good!” He was really nervous ’cause he’s just never really sung before. I was pretty impressed by it myself!

Teen.com: We’re loving Wendy’s clothes in the web series. How would you describe your own personal style?
Meaghan: I say mostly feminine and classic. I don’t get super trendy. I just stick with what I know and I like stuff that’s timeless. I’m not really into super modern things or super old-fashioned things. I like thing that can work in any period, but I just love that 50’s-60’s house-wife attire. I kinda of wanna dress like that always. I love it!

Teen.com: So, you’re a big Harry Potter fan! Are you sad that it’s over?
Meaghan: I’m traumatized! Pottermore is making it better for me. I’m already addicted to Pottermore. It’s so cool. I’m into Ravenclaw. I’m really proud of that.

Teen.com: Ravenclaw, huh? Everyone’s always Gryffindor, Gryffindor, Gryffindor!
Meaghan: Yeah. See? Overrated. The Gryffindors kind of have an ego, so…I talk about them like they’re real! It’s really sad!

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