8 Things to Know About The McClain Sisters!

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China Anne McClain is already a legit Disney star, and her sisters, Sierra Aylina McClain and Lauryn Alisa McClain, are following in their younger sister’s footsteps! This talented family trio, appropriately dubbed The McClain Sisters, were recently signed to Hollywood Records and are already making some serious moves in the biz! The girls have premiered their single “Rise” for a new Disney movie, they have an album in the works, and they’ve opened up for Big Time Rush on their Better with U Tour! Get to know even more about our fave new trio!

1. China, 13, is the youngest of the girls and got her start when a music executive heard her sing. She was then introduced to a director and snagged a role in the choir (along with her sisters!) as Alexis for a movie called The Gospel when she was 7-years-old!


2. Lauryn is only a year older than China, and played President Obama’s daughter Malia in a 2008 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!


3. 18-year-old Sierra got to act with Keke Palmer in the movie Shrink, which came out in 2009!


4. All three sisters were in Tyler Perry’s movie Daddy’s Little Girls. They played sisters and all went by their real first names in the flick! Also? All three sisters have middle names that start with the letter “A”.


5. The girls were recently registered as River Valley Girl Scouts by CEO Linda Keene at Mall of America! Watch the excitement below!

6. The McClain’s parents are both vocalists and songwriters and started a production company called Gabesworld Music, named after their brother, Gabriel.

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7. Their newest single “Rise” is not only the theme song for Disney Nature’s Chimpanzee out April 22nd; it’s also going to be featured as the Disney’s Friends For Change anthem! Check out the uplifting music video, and China’s piano skills!

8. China is really close with Debby Ryan. Debby even gushed about China during our 30 Days With Debby back in October! So cute.


Are you a fan of China and her sisters? Are you going to catch Chimpanzee this weekend? What do you think of their song “Rise”?

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