Dylan O’Brien Talks ‘The Maze Runner’ and NOT Crushing on Chloe Moretz

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You fell for his boyish charm as Stiles on Teen Wolf, but there’s a whole new side to Dylan O’Brien you’ll go absolutely gaga for come September 19. Courtesy of our friends over at 20th Century Fox, we had the opportunity to head to the set of The Maze Runner for Day 40 of the schedule (just a little over a week prior to the last film day) in New Orleans during shooting in summer 2013, where we chatted up the young star.

As the main character in the book-to-movie adaptation of James Dashner‘s series, Dylan gushed about snagging the role of a lifetime. But he doesn’t only spill on the flick. No no, we also got him to open up about his co-stars and his celebrity crush (at the time). Read on for all the deets!