All the Actors Who Suffered Injuries on the Set of The Maze Runner

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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is heading to theaters really soon — September 18, yay! — but we’re still reeling from the time we visited the Albuquerque, NM set of the movie last year. Like, we got to chat with Dylan 0’Brien (again). How freaking awesome is that?? One particular part of the Q&A that we can’t seem to get out of our heads, though, is when he mentions all the injuries he’s endured on the set of the two films.

When fellow TMR star Will Poulter was asked if he’d suffered through any pain while shooting the original flick, he was lucky enough to be able to say, “No, not really. I was concerned that when I had that big wrestling fight scene with Dylan that I might hurt him. But he’s tough and very talented physically with that sort of thing. That was a fun scene to shoot. We rehearsed it a lot. It came out great, in my opinion. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the film.”

Basically, everyone else in the cast, however, didn’t manage to skate by as easily. In fact, when we talked to the young members, they all revealed details that’ll make you hurt all over:

Dylan O’Brien — As previously mentioned, Dylan explained his specific aches from the pair of movies while on set, “I have, like, a shoulder… Hold on. *swings arm, shoulder pops* Do you hear that? So that’s my Maze Runner shoulder. And I had, like, a right knee problem from the first one that I think now has kind of subsided. And in this one, so far, I mean, we’ve only been going a couple weeks. *laughs* But, you know, you just have like… You’re always being physical, so there’s always [that possibility]… I had to take so many falls in the first one, I think that’s what it was eventually. I just now just have like this kink in my shoulder. I feel like a nana, you know? *laughs*”

Fellow TMR star Dexter Darden added, “There would be times when we would get back to the hotel and we would all just want to wind down and play some Mario Kart. Dylan would look up his shirt and he would have a bruise the size of Antarctica. Everything we do is for the fans.” Wow, he really does love us!

Kaya Scodelario — The blue-eyed beauty’s confession has both ‘eww’ and ‘OUCH’ written all over it. She said, “[The Maze Runner], no. I had it sweet last time, I miss last time. Yeah, I’ve messed myself up already [on Scorch Trials]. I’ve got a bad back and a bad knee, and I pulled my toenail off yesterday because I ran into a bolt that was sticking up out of the floor. But that’s good — I like the imagery.”

Thomas Brodie-Sangster — TBS doesn’t have to run as much as Dylan, but he still suffered through his fair share of pain. He revealed, “Yeah, I just cut my finger getting out of my trailer. I closed the door and sliced my finger open. No, nothing from the last film. Yeah, a couple of back problems with this one. We have to make sure we stretch out and stuff. And running on very uneven ground and in sand is always hard, and when you’re doing it take after take, you do end up kind of getting a bit sore in the morning. But as long as you stretch out, it’s okay.”

Ki-Hong Lee — O-U-C-H. “There was this one scene where I wanted to be cool, so I asked for a real knife because my character has a knife. I started flipping it and I would have to catch it; I can do it with a dull knife, but not with a real. It kept cutting me, so I said to sustain all these cuts. It’s okay; it’s mostly healed now. I think that’s the most severe injury.” This just proves it doesn’t pay to be cool.

Twentieth Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox

Dexter Darden — Off-set, we caught up with Dexter (again!), and he told us exclusively about his own bumps and bruises, “This is definitely the most physically asserting film that I’ve ever done. It was tough for all of us in a sense of new challenges and new things that we had to overcome. I actually got hurt toward the end of filming. I know Kaya got hurt and Ki Hong got hurt. We take it seriously as actors and want to put our all into it at all times. When you’re running up sand dunes and you’re doing fighting battles and want to still do your own stunts, those occasional injuries happen. We all tried our best to not really focus on that and focus on what was best for the film. Those things just happen.”

He continued, “We all got bumps and bruises. Dylan sacrificed himself all the time every day. I think he got the most injuries out of all of us. He lays it out and Dylan does everything.”

Alex Flores — Last but not least, dear ‘ol Winston, who said, “I hurt my back, but that was stupid. *laughs* …running to set to go run. Just, like, running up steps. I stepped the wrong way, and I pulled something. I was like, ‘Okay, yeah, great. And now I have to run for an hour or two. This is gonna be great.’ We’ve all kind of hurt ourselves. I hurt my knee, I hurt my wrist, I hurt my back… It’s just a lot of hurting ourselves. *laughs* You wake up with sand in your face and your ears, you can’t hear, and it’s the best.”

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