Maybelline Came Through with a Fenty Beauty Highlighter Dupe

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LBR, we’re always looking for ways to save money and whenever we find things that are dupes of our fave beauty products we feel an overwhelming sense of joy come over us. Well, good news beauty gurus, because there’s now an alternative for one of your favorite Fenty Beauty products that you were previously spending over $30 on!

That’s right, you guys! Maybelline recently announced that it is currently working on adding some more colors to the Master Chrome Highlighter collection and one looks eerily similar to Fenty Beauty’s show-stopping Trophy Wife highlighter! The company tweeted, “We’re working on more shades of #masterchrome and here’s a sneak peak of one of the 3 new shades coming this summer.” Take a look:

We can’t lie… it looks gold AF! The best part? It retails at Target for $7.89. Obviously, that’s a HUGE difference from the $34 we’ve been dishing out for Fenty Beauty’s Trophy Wife. Still, there’s no way of knowing the quality of this Maybelline highlighter since the product hasn’t hit the shelves yet, but considering it’s so affordable, you never know… The other shades that are currently available are buttery, blinding and just generally amazing, though, so we have high hopes!

If you’re not yet convinced that Maybelline will be able to fill the Fenty Beauty-shaped hole in your heart, we’d just like to add that YouTube star/beauty guru NikkieTutorials is so here for the new Master Chrome additions, showing off her glow on the brand’s Twitter account to prove that the new product is the real deal.

If Nikkie give a highlighter her stamp of approval, we know it’s good. So, are you convinced yet? Again, we know how hard it can be to stray from some of your all-time fave beauty brands, and, of course, we’d never want to betray Rihanna after all she’s done for the beauty community with her ultra-inclusive brand. However, if you’re looking to save a few dollars, this might just be the way to go!