EXCLUSIVE: Go Behind the Scenes of Your Next Favorite YA Book-Turned-Movie

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Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

With all the recent obstructions in realm of young-adult movies — like Dylan O’Brien‘s accident halting production on The Maze Runner‘s third film, the Divergent series flopping at the box office, leading to a spin-off television series instead of finishing in theaters, etc. — fans of the YA space have been eagerly awaiting their next fix. Well, ladies & gentlemen, we may have found it.

James Patterson, who’s widely helmed for penning stories such as Kiss the Girls, Along Came a Spider and the Alex Cross series, also wrote a series of fantasy novels, titled Maximum Ride, about six children genetically cross-bred with avian DNA, complete with wings, taking flight around the country to discover their origins, and it’s about to be translated for the big screen! And, fortunately for you, we’ve got exclusive artwork from the upcoming Paramount flick.

Maximum Ride, featuring YouTube star Allie Marie Evans, is available on Digital Tuesday, August 30, and in theaters/VOD September 30. Until then, check out the storyboard art here: