Here’s How YouTubers Max & Harvey Scored an Invite to the Royal Wedding

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If you don’t know who YouTubers Max and Harvey Mills are, then you are seriously missing out. The 15-year-old British twins found fame on video app musical.ly and have since transferred their star power over to YouTube. The brothers have over 18 million views on their channel and post sketches, original music and covers of popular songs. They have already gotten so famous that they just finished headlining DigiTour AND have been signed to RMI Recordings, a label in partnership with Disney’s Hollywood Records.

We got to sit down with Max and Harvey the day after they wrapped DigiTour and got them to spill all the beans about what it’s like being so famous so young, how Avicii‘s death affected them and how they scored an invite to Prince Harry and Megan Markle‘s wedding.

The twins came into our NYC office the day after their final DigiTour performance and, although they were exhausted, they couldn’t help but gush about their time on tour.

“That was our favorite show so far, for sure,” Harvey said. “All the people there were so great and we made it a big show since it was our last show headlining and we had everyone come on stage with us, it was awesome. I didn’t have any tears, but I was sad! It’s stressful, you know, but fun. I was actually upset mostly because of the people on the tour. Obviously, we will see the people again and keep performing, though.”

So now we’re back in LA and we have so much cool new stuff planned! A lot of it is a secret at the moment but you guys will find out soon enough! We’re also going back on tour to 8 new dates! So make sure you go to the link in @thedigitour’s bio to get tickets, or you can go to our website maxandharveyofficial.com to see all of the shows we’re doing because we’ve got a lot more shows in the U.K. now as well! ALSO, we’re going to be attending and performing at the #RockYourHair show this Friday so go to @rockyourhair’s website for tickets to the show in Anaheim on Friday! We wanna meet as many of you as possible while we have the chance so make sure you go get tickets to see us before we go back to the U.K. if you’re in the US!!! And don’t you worry all the people around the country, in places we haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit, we’re working on new tours and shows and all that across the world so we’ll keep you up to date on that! Thank you all so much for supporting us this far, we love seeing all your beautiful faces at our shows! We’ll hopefully see you soon! ❤️ Comment shoutout goes to @_cutemills for commenting a LOT! If you want a shoutout in the next post all you gotta do is comment loads on this one for a chance to win! Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️ ?: @shootla

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Although they loved every moment on tour, the boys have a hilarious favorite moment.

“On our last night, we had silly string and confetti cannons,” Harvey said. “So, previously on tour, we thought it was a good idea to attack the tour managers with silly string. At the end of the show, while we were taking pictures, all the crew attacked us with silly string. The smell was awful and the merch girl slipped and fell, but she was dedicated and stood back up — it was hilarious.”

While the tour was full of awesome meet-and-greets, fun songs and incredible nights, the boys also were faced with some tough news.

“We were on Digi signing photos and our mom was taking photos of us signing photos,” Max said. “And this guy walks in and says, ‘Oh, by the way, Avicii just died’ and in the photos you can just see our faces fall in shock. I thought he was joking.”

The death of the popular Swedish musician and DJ was a shock to many, but the boys have a personal connection.

“He was actually a huge inspiration on our singing together,” Harvey said. “We had to do a tribute cover; we couldn’t just leave it. We were really upset about it. Whenever record labels and people who want to write with us ask us what we want our sound to be, we always refer to Avicii.”

Their talent and passion are obvious and while they have tons of exciting projects in the works, one event that they can’t stop talking about is the Royal Wedding.

“Our younger brother is in The Choir of St. George’s Chapel,” Harvey said. “And they sing for the Queen a lot and have performed at the castle tons of times. The choir is set to sing at the Royal Wedding and because of him we get to go, too!”

BRB, forcing our family to move to England so our younger brother can join the chorus ASAP.

It is clear that Max and Harvey have a long and successful road ahead of them and we can’t wait to see where it takes them. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on Twitter and Instagram so you can stay up to date about all their exciting adventures.