Why This Teen Wolf Cutie Decided to Leave the Pack

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It’s no secret that we love Teen Wolf here at Teen.com. Since the very beginning, we’ve followed Scott, Stiles and the rest of the Beacon Hills crew as they navigated high school while trying to come to terms with their supernatural world. NBD. But while we’re completely OB-SESSED with the show, we’ve always wanted to know what happens behind the scenes of the series.

Luckily, when we recently got a chance to talk to Max Carver, a.k.a Aiden, a.k.a. half of the wannabe Alpha werewolves that can merge together to create a mega-monster, we couldn’t wait to get all the juicy details about his time on Teen Wolf and what he’s been up to since he left the MTV hit.

Aiden and his twin brother Ethan, played by Max’s IRL twin bro Charlie Carver, were pivotal characters in season 3 and we have definitely felt their absence since their sudden departure. But while the talented siblings decided to leave the show because of a new work opportunity, they did NOT want to exit in the day they did.

“Charlie and I had the opportunity to go shoot for The Leftovers on HBO and we knew we had to take it,” Max told us. “I told Jeff Davis, ‘Just don’t kill me! I’ll find a way to come back, I want to come back because I love working here.’ The day before the shoot, we’re at lunch and Jeff pulls me aside and he has a smile on his face, which always means bad news.”

The creator of the show then told the 27-year-old that he “realized [he] had to kill [him],” and right then and there the actor got SUPER emotional because he knew it was something that had to happen. The death of Aiden was a one-two punch for fans because fan-favorite Alison had died just before him. Brutal.

Not only did Max have to deal with his character’s death, but he had to do it alongside his brother. The moment was filled with such emotion and sadness that it felt more real than just a TV show. ; the scene ended up being a moment that the star will always remember.

“In my personal life I had just lost someone extremely close to me, someone in my family, and my brother and I had just gone through that experience together. Shooting the scene was this incredible moment where I got to be with my brother, and die with him and it was this magical moment and it was so moving, I didn’t even really have to act at all. It was liberating and then Charlie and I got to drive home together and it was like closing a chapter as it was our last day on the show together, and we had just gone through this incredibly painful and emotional wonderful experience in our personal lives as well. I will never forget that day of shooting.”

It was obvious when talking to him that the scene was of extreme importance to Max, and although he was killed off, he did get to make a surprise appearance in the beginning of season five. He clued us in saying there’s a long-running joke that no one is ever really dead on Teen Wolf.

It’s been two years since Max wrapped up his time on Teen Wolf, but he’s been hard at work on a new satirical comedy on Fullscreen called Filthy Preppy Teen$. This show is a huge step out of his comfort zone and Max gave us for the 411 on his hilarious character Chaad and what fans can expect from the show.

“It goes very quickly from just a satire to opening up some truly absurd stuff. It was such a fun project and I was surprised that no one has done it before. In the first episode, I felt like was just a rich jerk, and each episode had different story lines where I could interact with different members of the cast and new characters. To me, was this lovable idiot and my story was so fun,” he revealed.

Although Max and Charlie are usually joined at the hip and appearing in the same shows together, Filthy Preppy Teen$ is the first big production Max has done without his brother.

“We’re definitely not together 24/7, and I think that’s an important part. You gotta let them be them and you be you. My brother knows what’s best for him and you got to let your brother or sister have their own identity. As we’ve gotten older, I think we’ve allowed each other to pursue, or follow our bliss, to our individual interests and support each other.”

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But although Charlie and Max are getting used to being separated, they’re once again teaming up to co-produce and star in a new MTV series, Blooms.

“We’re stoked about Blooms. It’s such an interesting project because Charlie and I have always wanted to produce, so we started creating this concept years ago. We really had no idea what we were doing in terms of trying to start a production, but we’ve gotten an amazing team of experienced people. Drew Barrymore‘s team got involved and then she got involved and we got an incredible writer who has created a beautiful story. So hopefully all goes well and everyone gets to watch it and love it.”

With so many incredible projects in the works and new adventures happening, Max clearly has a successful future in the making. From werewolf to preppy teen to producer and writer, Max can do anything he sets his mind to, and he encourages you to do the same.

“Take a risk, get creative. I encourage you to do stuff you really, truly like. Even if you have a job, in your free-time there’s nothing more fulfilling and invigorating than having an idea, or seed of something you care about, and following through.”


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