O-M-Glee! Karofsky Spills on the Bound-To-Be-Epic “Born This Way” Episode

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Pretty much all we know about the April 26 “Born This Way” episode of Glee is that it’s gonna be a full 90 minutes. But now, slowly but surely, more and more info about the Gaga anthem-themed ep is coming out (ha). So thanks, Max Adler aka Karofsky for spilling the deets!

What’d Max have to say about his role on the episode and the episode in general? Well, let’s see here…

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Max told TVGuide.com:

“”Born This Way” by Lady Gaga is obviously a featured song in the episode and Karofsky is involved in that number. That song is the main focal point and message of the whole episode as far as people tackling their insecurities and overcoming things like sexuality or physical appearance. Everyone’s got something they wish they could change. The episode is about the kids realizing the one thing they may not like about themselves is the one thing that makes them special.”

As for Karfosky’s future? Max said:

“With Karofsky, you have no idea. He could join the glee club and sing a big solo as an out, proud guy, or he could go the opposite route and go home and hang himself like many people have done. Imagine that episode, that message.”

Whoa, that sounds morbid. Are you excited for the “Born This Way” episode? Should Karofsky sing? Tell us in the comments below!