YouTuber Makes Emotional Reveal That He Was Abused By His Controversial Ex

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If you recognize the name Nicole Arbour, it’s probably because her controversial “Dear Fat People” went viral a few months ago. Well, her name is making headlines again, and this time it’s for doing something even worse. Nicole’s ex-boyfriend and fellow YouTube star Matthew Santoro recently made a video titled “My Abuse Story,” in which he details how his ex abused him physically and mentally. While the 30 year old never said Nicole’s name, many people pointedly assumed that she was the domestic abuser he was talking about.

“I had a panic attack one night because I couldn’t handle being on eggshells with this person,” he emotionally explained. “I left an event I was at and ended it with this person. The person prevented me from leaving their home, said ‘you’re not going anywhere,’ at which point I was hit in the face. I was hit in the face for the first time in my life and when someone you care about strikes you, there’s so many emotions that go through you, it’s almost indescribable. You feel sadness. You feel shame. You feel embarrassment. You think, ‘was it my fault?'”

After a brief time apart Matthew’s ex reached out and promised that she changed, leading them to get back together. But while the physical violence stopped, the emotional abuse and manipulation was still there.

“This individual that I was with forced me to push everybody out of my life. I pushed my family away, I pushed my closest friends away…This individual I was with was extremely jealous; viciously jealous. If I had a female friend, I must have been cheating on her with them…I had to cut every female out of my life.”

“Domestic violence knows no gender,” he tearfully continued. “It happens to men and women. And it’s something that men never talk about, because we’re made to believe that we’re supposed to be strong. I never talked about it because I thought that no one would believe me, no one would give a s***, and it’s sad that we live in a society where people have to feel like they’re supposed to keep quiet about these things. And it’s wrong…Abuse knows no gender.”

While Matthew never explicitly said it was Nicole who did these horrible things to him, the 30-year-old comedienne got wind of her former boyfriend’s claims and posted her own vid stating that everything he said is “not true.” This is Nicole’s side of the story:

“I had asked repeatedly while dating him that my private life not be put on the Internet, and he repeatedly overstepped that boundary to where I felt violated over and over. And we broke up, briefly, and he moved down the street from me…in hopes that we’d get back together. And we did…and it was fine. But I unfortunately, something in my heart just didn’t feel it anymore. It didn’t meant that he was a bad person, it just meant that his lifestyle and how he wanted to be a YouTuber and have everything public all the time wasn’t for me. And I broke up with him and it was as amicable as it could possibly be at the time until his hurt over the breakup turned to anger…turned to a whole bunch of lies. His video that he just put out is just another way to hurt me and my career that’s growing quickly, and it’s sad because it is abuse.”

Apparently, Nicole’s past of lying and trolling has come back to bite her in the butt, because the majority of comments on her response are calling her on her BS and siding with Matt.

“Wow Nicole, I really believe your side of the story and that you’re a wholesome genuine person.. said.. no.. one.. ever. good attempt though,” said one viewer.

“You’re a Narcissistic sociopath…” wrote another.

We aren’t here to play lawyer on this case, so we’ll say one thing: Domestic abuse is never okay. If you or someone you know is dealing with abuse, please click here.

Watch Matthew’s full emotional video below:

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