One of the Harry Potter Guys Got Engaged WEEKS Ago & You Had No Idea!

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Umm… what just happened? Like, a second ago, we could imagine ourselves marrying Matthew Lewis in real life ’cause, you know, he didn’t have anyone special in his life, so… WHY NOT US?? Then, outta nowhere, not only does he have a special someone, he’s planning on spending the rest of his life with her — as in, HE’S ENGAGED!!!

According to TMZ, the 27-year-old actor who brought Neville Longbottom to life throughout the course of all eight Harry Potter movies is tapped to walk down the aisle after a whirlwind romance… to a normal, just like you.

MDL met Angela Jones, an event planner at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, at a Wizarding World event this past January. “They’re both over the moon,” a spokesman confirmed to MailOnline. “They got together in July and hit it off straight away.”

If you’re wondering why it took them 6 months after meeting to get together, it’s because she was actually a married woman; her divorce was finalized in July. Fast forward 4 months to November, and she’s got another rock on her finger. It only became public a hot second ago.

Matt reportedly proposed in Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower, no less. Here’s the evidence:



You know what these means, don’t you? If it could happen to Angela, it could happen to you!!!
For some, their greatest roles came AFTER the Harry Potter franchise: