Camila Cabello’s Boyfriend, Matthew Hussey, Allegedly Cheated

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Camila Cabello has been “on cloud nine” ever since she started dating boyfriend Matthew Hussey, and while they may seem to be an unlikely pair — he’s 31 and she’s 21 — they’re “really, really happy” together. Unfortunately, though, it appears that her bubble was recently popped, as Dutch singer Elieve admitted the British relationship expert quite possibly cheated, as SHE was dating him at the same time as Cam.

The Amsterdam-based musician is often compared to the former Fifth Harmony member and even covered her song, “Sangria Wine.” That being said, she found it incredibly strange to learn about the romance.

She explained during a Dutch radio interview, “Camila and I were both dating the same guy at the same time. […] It happened in London when I was working on the singles. I met him and he was actually really great…a really smart guy, handsome. I guess it was just too good to be true. So when I came back from London I saw the paparazzi pics in Mexico with Camila. Isn’t it insane? I just hope they are happy and wish them the best.”

The radio host then asked Elieve if Camila and Matthew “were already in a relationship” when she started dating him and her response was pretty interesting.

“I think he was dating us at the same time and when the pictures came out he couldn’t deny it any longer,” she said. “When we were together we talked about the fact that I kind of look like [her] and he responded with, ‘She’s quite a fan of me.’ I said, ‘Oh, really?’ and he told me that he met her on Good Morning America. Well, I guess it was more than just fangirling.”

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Elieve says she’s no longer in touch with Matthew because she “didn’t like the way he handled” the situation, but has no hard feelings toward him or Camila. That’s not to say, however, that Camilizers are going to let the man off the hook that easily.

The cheating rumors are not confirmed, of course, as we don’t know if Matthew and Camila were actually exclusive at the time he was also dating the Dutch crooner.