Instead of Apologizing for Making Racial Slur, Internet Star Blames His Friend

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Matthew Espinosa is the latest member of the racist Vine crew, joining Nash and Hayes Grier who are known for their less-than desirable pasts.

The 19-year-old has, for the most part, kept himself out of any serious drama throughout the course of his Internet stardom, but all that changed yesterday when he posted a Snapchat with a HIGHLY offensive caption.


Did he really just use the n-word? Yes he did. Although the teen eventually deleted the Snap, the damage was already done and people used the hashtag #MatthewExposedParty to call him out for his actions.

So, what was Matthew to do? An apology wouldn’t have justified his word choice by any means, but it’s definitely a nice gesture to make. But no… instead of taking responsibility, the Viner simply pointed the finger of blame at one of his friends.

He then technically said he was sorry, but only for making people think he doesn’t “love EVERYONE on this earth.”


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